Our Services

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Marine Operations
  • Manning and Crewing
  • Drilling and Production Chemicals
  • Valves and Pipes

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

N.U.E Offshore Resources Limited is committed to provide the protection our clients requires in order to work safely and ensure that all employment laws are complied with. The range of PPE equipment from N.U.E Offshore Resources provides protection against most hazards that are faced within the workplace from head to toe at competitive prices.

With an efficient distribution system, we continually strive to source for appropriate products locally and from around the world in order to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We provide an extensive range of personal protective equipment from head and face protection to safety footwear, the range provides protection when working in almost every industry and environment.

Head Protection

Providing a wide range of safety helmets, bump hats and accessories for industries where head safety equipment is compulsory.

Safety Glasses

For industries where eye protection is mandatory and there is a high risk of eye injuries, the range from Protec Direct will provide the safety required.

Face Protection

From browguards to visors, the range of face protection protects against chemical splashes, metal impacts and other hazards.

Hand Protection

Gloves, armguards and protective sleeves provide protection from a vast array of hazards that could cause injury to hands.

Safety Footwear

Safety footwear includes boots, trainers and anti-slip footwear to provide protection for employees.

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Marine Operations

We own and maintain Fast Support Intervention/Crew Vessels (FSIVs), Anchor Handling Vessels (AHTS), Platform Support Vessels (PSVs), Heavy Lift Vessels, among other vessels. We support Crew Transfer, Escort Operations and Major Offshore Operations. We have a dedicated team for all our operations.

Our focus is on asset and personnel protection, efficient maintenance and operation of our vessels at all times, thus achieving continuous operations without breakdowns or off-hire situations. Our staff views ship management from an Owner-Client perspective, giving priority to safety, preventive maintenance and flawless operations.

Our primarily Marine Services Include:

  • Vessels Operations.
  • Maintenance and repair of the vessel, including dry-docking.
  • Crew selection and training.
  • Oil pollution- Contingency Response Plan.
  • Onboard Safety Audit.
  • Computerized planned maintenance system.
  • Accounting.
  • Insurance and in- house handling of all types of insurance claims.
  • Surveys.
  • Voyage performance monitoring.
  • Procurement.

Marine Vessel Chartering Services

Our company has a long history of experience and success in the field. In response to specific requests from a number of clients, we have completely re-established our chartering services and have established co operations with highly-regarded chartering houses and vessel owners to provide the right assets at affordable pricing hence providing a complete high-quality chartering service for customers.

Our choice of vessels for marine and offshore operations is one that provide innovative maritime solutions which facilitate our ability to serve a wide variety of customers by carrying a diverse group of cargoes across the globe. N.U.E through her numerous partners offers an unmatched array of resources, customised solutions and expertise in handling Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) chemicals, food-grade products, bitumen, Propane gases, Butane Gases compressed gases and cryogenic cargoes.

With a modern high specification fleet and a perfect operating record, our goal is to be the LNG and LPG transportation provider of choice for all of our customers' cargo needs. Whether your requirements are for spot cargoes, medium and long term transportation, or storage projects, we offer first class service for the long term, coupled with a commercial mindset always putting reliability and safety as our top priority.

Through our partners we offer Cargo handling systems and tanks for gas carriers:

  • Ethylene carriers
  • LNG carriers Cargo handling systems for offshore units
  • FSO/FPSO for LPG
  • FSRU and FPSO for LNG

  • CO2 liquefaction, storage and offloading units
  • Fuel gas systems
  • Type C LNG tanks
  • Gas processing system

  • Anchor Handling Vessels
  • Platform Supply Vessels
  • Fast Crew Boat Services
  • Security Patrol Vessel Supply

Current Marine Tanker Fleet

Our fleet includes modern offshore vessels capable of supporting all phases of the offshore oil and gas development cycle. Together with our partners we can provide marine support across the exploration, construction and production phases of the oil and gas development cycle. As an employer of choice for marine professionals with world class expertise, we embrace the willingness to explore new possibilities.

We work with our Clients / Customers to locate and provide efficient vessels to meet their operations requirement with due considerations to cost efficiency and operations.

Platform Supply/Support Vessels (PSV)

Our Selection of PSVs provides great opportunity for a stable and long term charter. Regular supply functions and cargo transport for the oil industry with stand-by functions. Well deck for maximum protection of cargo and crew.

Our Capacity include mid-sized (VS 470 MKII design), and large-sized PSVs. Experiencing a complete indulgence with the harmonising design and saving in fuel consumption from the Diesel Electric to the Diesel new built engines.

Anchor Handling Supply Vessels (ASV)

We offer our clients not only a complete range of AHTS in terms of Bollard Pull tonnage and design, but we also offer Anchor Handling and Towing System solution. Each component in the AHTS system is optimally designed and ,matched, throughout the conception of the project and the installation, commissioning and even making sure of the system reliability and durability during its life span.

Cable/Pipe Lay Vessels

With latest state of the art designs and dynapos stability operations we are able to support Cable lay operations, Pipe lay Operations through our dedicated partners and with great expertise.

Offshore Marine Construction Vessel

The OSCV/MRSVs are designed to meet the general offshore subsea market. The vessels are specially designed for ROV & crane operations for seabed duties through moonpool or along ship sides.

The vessels are equipped with efficient azimuth thrusters and a dynamic positioning system for safe and economic world wide service.

Security/Crew Boats

With Specialized crew Boats and Security patrol Vessels we provide uninterrupted services with great precision and expertise.

Manning and Crewing

N.U.E provides talented professional and certified seafarers (officers and ratings) of various categories to match position specifications.

We have an extensive database of highly selected, experienced and STCW-9 certified seafarers for various types of vessels, readily available upon request. They are screened by our expert recruiting team. These seafers are products of the finest maritime schools and training centers in Nigeria.

This service allows client companies to have NUE's employees on board vessels with an option to finally hire (if required). This also eliminates staff administration costs and payroll taxes, workmen compensation insurance, side pay, vacation pay and administrative costs associated with employment from your corporate expenditure, NUE manages Everything.

Our clients partner with us for:

  • Creative crewing solutions
  • Reliable and efficient delivery of servics
  • Collaborative partnership with our seaferes and clients
  • Results; measured by the success of our team
  • Our focus is on success and clients bottom line

Certified Professionals


Drilling and Production Chemicals

There are many products that we could have pushed into the market in the pursuit of sales and market saturation. We have, however, opted to respond to the tangible needs of the market by offering products designed to fit the majority of market requirements.

These are comparable to other chemical majors for ease of identification and use. All of this is done at what we refer to as ‘realistic’ pricing – commensurate to the quality of product and service supplied.

Our team of highly skilled personnel and associates are able to respond to the ever changing market by continually improving our level of technical support and information to help our customers optimise their purchasing processes.

Our Products are divided into five main groups:

  • Engineering Products
  • Test Equipment products
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Products
  • Treatment Products
  • Cementing and Mud Additives

OCTG, Pipes, Valves And Oil Tools Procurement

Our business is located in Nigeria and we have partners in Europe and The United States which gives us the facility of procuring most of the items from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and other European countries. We also have excellent business ties with some Asian, Chinese and Indian manufacturers and we quote very competitive prices at the shortest possible time possible.

We can source for requested items at best prices and shortest time for clients involved in Oil Production, Drilling, Petrochemical or Gas Production. We are committed to sourcing for and delivering items at the most competitive prices in line with the necessary certifications (ASTM) for our clients. We have an extensive experience in dealing with a vast range of items used in this industry.